Monday, November 5, 2012

Peace, Love and Parties

Think it's impossible to throw a stress-free party? Think again! Your "two gals planning" have thrown many a soiree where stress has been turned away at the door.  Our secret? Delegate!

Trying to do it all yourself as the host/hostess can leave you feeling exhausted and allows no time for you to enjoy your own party! Get a friend, some family members or even your kids to lend a hand.  You'd be surprised how much fun the preparation can be when it's a group effort!

Make a checklist before your party and see which tasks can be delegated and which tasks you absolutely must handle yourself.  For instance, kids are great at helping with the decorations, placing food on the tables and taking guests' coats when they come to your door.  Putting your spouse/significant other in charge of the music, asking your mother to make the coffee or having your sister keep the ice buckets filled will leave you free to concentrate on what's important...having a good time at your wonderful party!  Don't be afraid to ask, most people are happy to help.  Remember...Delegate and Celebrate!

From our style to your smile,
Sandra and Stephanie

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